DSC_0131head Church weddings, Renewal of Wedding Vows, Church Blessing after a Civil wedding. We are pleased to receive couples who wish to have a Church Wedding here in South East Cyprus. It is an increasingly popular place to celebrate with family and friends. The whole area (Ayia Napa and Protaras resorts) lends itself well to family holidays and many come each year in support of the ‘Bride and Groom.  It seems that a religious ceremony is becoming very popular again; the ‘Registry office’ weddings, although perfectly legal, are just not the same. Comments such as,’ I wouldn’t feel married’, or, ‘Just a few minutes in a small room does not mean the same’. We have noticed a tendancy for some couples to attempt to save money by having such a wedding (in the town hall or other venue). They are often then tempted to spend this money on other ‘celebrations’ (pony and trap rides, trimmings at the reception etc. etc.) It is useful to note that the fees charged by the church are very similar to those charged by the churches in the UK. We believe the fees to be very reasonable even in these days of financial difficulty. Weddings in Cyprus are, as many have said, much cheaper than ‘back home’ for a whole host of reasons. We would want to encourage all couples to consider the difference between a ‘civil’ and a ‘Church wedding’, and to think about what THEY want, not what is often offered. DO think about what the ceremony means; vows (life long) made between you, family gathered, witnesses… it is a very important day and we are here to encourage you. Call to discuss any of these issues, also click here to look at our Marriage preparation leaflet Here are a few FAQ’s (frequently asked questions) to guide you. However for all the details (and there are quite a few!) you need to contact our central wedding office in Nicosia. (Address below) Weddings FAQ’s 1. Where are the weddings conducted? We are pleased to announce that from June (2010) we can offer two NEW wedding venues. The first is a beautiful Orthodox Chapel in the village of Deryneia called Agia Constantinos and Heleni. See pictures below. The Chapel is a traditionally built ancient church used still by the Orthodox community and we have been given permission to use it for Anglican (Church of England) services including weddings. It is very reasonably priced for weddings and can, by arrangement, be decorated for a wedding celebration. Nearby in the village there are many facilities including photographers, hairdressers, florists etc. There are also some lovely venues for receptions and wedding parties. Get in touch with our wedding office for more details. Tel:  00357 22445221. b88a503b54ecd214ab3dabc02a1f7894Another gorgeous venue is ‘Aphrodite Beach Wedding venue’ or Garden of Eden in Ayia Napa (try GOOGLE),which are magnificent locations.  Again contact our office for more details. 00357 22445221. Also we use a number of beautiful ‘Wedding Chapels’ attached to certain hotels in the area. a).The Golden Coast Hotel in Protaras, b).  The Adams Beach Hotel in Agia Napa, c).  The Grecian Sands Hotel in Agia Napa and d). The Atlantica Aeneas Hotel in Agia Napa (brand new and beautiful – recommended for large weddings). We also conduct weddings in suitable ‘garden’ venues or ‘resort’ areas when requested, not only in the ‘Chapels’.

  1. 2.   What if the hotel where I am staying does not have a Chapel?

You could use our own church in Deryneia, Agia Constantinos. (See above) Or you have77dcf8e36eb3a0ca0e3e1bc1beb79ab5 two further, more expensive options… firstly you could make arrangements through our wedding office or your wedding company (tour operator) to book one of the hotel chapels above. There will, of course, be a charge for this and it may well be already booked. These charges can be substantially reduced if you book facilities in the hotel such as a reception or cocktail party (or better still .. stay there!). Secondly, if the facilities in the hotel are suitable, we would be pleased to conduct the 0ae724334e9e217fe422f8d4f022d026church ceremony where you are staying. We would not consider a ceremony ‘poolside’ or ‘on the beach’ however, many hotels have ‘Wedding Gardens’ or places set aside for just this purpose and many are beautiful. Enquire, again through our office or your tour company.

  1. Can we be married in any other churches in the area?

No… these churches belong to the Orthodox Church of Cyprus, with the one exception, the Chapel in Deryneia. See above.

  1.  Is there a ‘dress code’ for church weddings?

c997abf21595462cc39e3c63203b271aVery definitely… respectful and dignified as for any wedding in the UK. But of course because of the climate (very warm) it would be a good idea not to wear a 3-piece serge suit! Ladies (and gentleman) will be expected not to wear ‘skimpy clothing’ or ‘beachwear’ (including shorts).

  1. What about music?

At some hotels, ‘Here Comes the bride’ and ‘The Wedding March’ are played at appropriate moments in the ceremony. The Ministers have access to a range of suitable music played on a sound system. You may like to bring your own, but you will need to discuss it with the Minister as some music is not appropriate. Hymn singing can be arranged.

  1. Who may be married in Church in Cyprus?

Please provide at least ONE baptism (Christening) certificate if you wish to have an Anglican wedding in Cyprus. Adherents of other faiths marrying a Christian partner must be prepared to take Christian vows in the Name of the Trinity. I cannot conduct the marriage of people who belong to organisations such as the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Spiritualist Church or other sects. You will be asked to provide the name and address of your local Minister back home in the UK. Also the name of the Church. If you are Roman Catholic it might be a good idea and a courtesy, to let your priest know your plans. He will no doubt let you know of any ‘Blessing’ available to you upon your return. We write to your local minister to let him or her know you were married here and to ask that they care for you in the local context. All other “rules and regulations’ will be explained to you either by your agent or our wedding office.(Tel: 00357 22445221)

  1. What about marriage preparation?

Not compulsory, but we certainly recommend it. Here are two suggestions. And you could always speak to your local Minister!

Other counselling, see  or
  1. What are the CHURCH fees for weddings?

Church weddings through wedding agents or tour companies have been reduced for 2012 to 500 euros. (If we handle all the arrangements regarding venues and bookings etc. we ask for a further 100 euros to cover the extra costs). Finally, any and all questions will be answered for you if you contact our central office in Nicosia. Pat Baulch is our expert and looks after all our couples wonderfully well! Contact her at     Renewal of Marriage Vows and Blessings of a Civil Marriage. Renewal of Vows. We conduct a growing number of these ceremonies in church. We do so where couples 11eaf77dbb2c0de54c30e6eabaa8ece1wish to give thanks to God on the occasion of an anniversary or for his help and encouragement through difficult times. The reasons for renewing vows are often very personal and you may wish to share these with the Minister. These are very worthwhile occasions. Blessings after a civil wedding.Where appropriate we are willing to offer a blessing in church for those who have been married in a registry office very recently or years ago. We recently conducted a blessing after a civil wedding where the couple had been married 50 years! Fees…….390 euros. If for some reason you have a ‘Civil wedding’ at the town hall or elsewhere, but wish a ‘Church Blessing’ immediately afterwards, the fee reduces to 250 euros. Please contact our wedding office in Nicosia for booking,  but call us for advice.   Tel. 357 22445221