Reverend Martin

Fr Martin Phillips-Last

Senior Priest – Ammochostos Parish
Since arriving here in the Famagusta Parish of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf in the summer of 2015, I have been truly blessed to share in the work of God’s kingdom with our congregation worshipping in Ayia Napa. After adjusting to the not unpleasant climate difference between our new home and our former parish in the Suffolk Market town of Leiston, myself and my trusted sidekick Percy the Airedale Terrier now feel well and truly settled here.
I have been so blessed to experience God’s love for me through those I have the privilege of ministering to. I look forward to continuing to share with you all the love of Christ and the work of his glorious  kingdom in this place, especially our ministry to the numerous visitors the Lord sends our way.
Fr Martin Phillips-Last