Mission & Vision

Our Mission and Vision

In April 2007, we held a Church Conference at which we developed our ‘Mission Statement’ and considered our Vision.

We recognize that any Church which does not have these two basics will eventually die.  We have no intention of dying; we insist that God’s Church will thrive in this part of the world. We know this because he has given us a Vision of what the church will look like in 5 years from this date.

Mission Statement

Our Mission in South East Cyprus is:To lead non-believers to Jesus Christ and to make every person a fully effective Disciple.

Vision Statement

The following is a picture of the future here in South East Cyprus – a picture given to us, we believe by God. All our members share this Vision and have resolved to be a part of it.

  • Every single English speaking person in our area will know that the Church is here.
  • and… that the Church is made up of God fearing people…
  • and… that these people can be trusted and relied upon.
  • and… that attendance at a Church meeting of any kind is a joy.
  • and… will have all our social events on their calendar.
  • The municipalities will know about us, will tell the people about us and support our efforts.
  • There will be two, full-time ministers serving this fellowship.
  • The wedding ministry will be served by part-time or locum ministers thereby releasing the full-time ministers for full-time Gospel work.
  • There will be three services on a Sunday in one central location.
  • There will be a Sunday service in each and every village in our area.
  • There will be at least 3 major ‘outreach’ services (eg. carol service) each year.
  • This Church fellowship will grow to 450 in number in 5 years time.
  • If we have a central building of our own it will be a ‘7 days a week’ building with programs and facilities for service and Christian learning.
  • Each and every member will have a personal ministry whereby they head up at least one program.
  • People’s lives will change as a result of the activity of the Church in this place.
  • Many will give themselves to the Lord… we shall baptize and help many to become disciples of Christ.
  • So strong will be the influence of this Gospel spoken out by this church that Ayia Napa will gain a reputation as a ‘Family Holiday’ resort as word of the Church and God’s work within it moves back to the UK.
  • God’s name will be raised up in a way we would never think possible.